Charles Bergeron

Hello. I'm Charles.

I'm into creating things, especially for the web.

I'm a programmer, photographer, musician, designer, yogi & cyclist from Vancouver, Canada.

Drop me a line via email.

I hang around on Twitter, LinkedIn & GitHub.


  • Emission Central Screencap #1
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Emission Central

Emission Central is a enterprise (but not enterprisey) app in emissions management for the Energy sector. It is a Hardware and SaaS platform for collecting data on fugitive emissions (or leaks) at oil and gas facilities. Emission Central delivers critical reporting statistics for companies such as Cenovus, TAQA North and Enerplus.

Technical Responsibilities

  • Built on Rails 3, with CoffeeScript and SASS.
  • Implemented Russian doll caching strategy for quick results and accurate expiration of data.
  • Information Visualization through the use of D3 Charts and Google Charts.
  • Small reports delivered directly to the browser, while large reports were delegated to DelayedJob.
  • Gruvi Screencap #1
  • Gruvi Screencap #2
  • Gruvi Screencap #3

Gruvi for Facebook

Gruvi is a leader in Facebook marketing, assisting film studios with their creative products for Facebook. Delivering trailers and showtimes to end-users in various regions of the world, for top film IPs such as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Pirates, and Bridesmaids.

Technical Responsibilities

  • Built on Rails 3, MySQL and tied to Facebook's OpenGraph Database.
  • Created interfaces with various film APIs to track new releases and up-to-date showtime info.
  • UI Design of social app component in Adobe Photoshop, with strong UX consideration.
  • Nation Toys + Tees Screencap #1
  • Nation Toys + Tees Screencap #2
  • Nation Toys + Tees Screencap #3

Nation Toys + Tees

An online Shopify retailer of collectable vinyl toys, limited run apparel and up-and-coming art from local and International artists.

Technical Responsibilities

  • Built on the Shopify platform, with the Liquid Templating Language.
  • Customer data integration with Campaign Monitor.
  • Previous iteration included Helcim API integration via Ruby on Rails, and ActiveMerchant for custom purchase management.

A Word On Me

I live in a house in East Vancouver, BC with five wonderful friends.
In my early twenties, I went to SAIT for New Media Production &
Design. These days, I freelance for a wide variety of clients.

You can reach me at:

CV / Résumé


I was interested in programming at a really young age. It's both fantastical and empowering to tell computers what to do.

I started with QBasic and C++, but after post-secondary quickly shifted focus to web programming with PHP, and eventually Ruby / Rails.

Aside from smooth, clean, simple to use web applications I have a growing interest in video game design and programming. It's an incredible feeling to bring a virtual world to life through scripts, sounds and stories.

This site was built in pure HTML, because it's fun to get back to the basics. I wrote a one-liner deploy script, it tunnels through SSH, and clones from Git on BitBucket. Good fun.

Photography & Design

Design, especially web design has always drawn me in. I made this site from scratch, and am currently designing my friend's upcoming book, Love & Cooking.

I'm into shooting photos, editing them in Photoshop and layering in other visuals. You can view some of my work right over here.


Music brings us together.

I started out playing bass guitar, and eventually moved into acoustic/electric guitar, pianos, keyboards and drums. Though I always come back to bass. I used to play with various bands in Calgary and Montréal.

Lately, I've been composing. Here's a track I wrote that suits a Sci-Fi film.

What else?

I also enjoy dancing, etymology, and long walks on the beach.

That's a wrap!

Thanks for reading.


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